A lovely initiative to decrease speed

This was an idea adopted – as far as I know as an experiment – by the Swedish government together with Volkswagen. It is a social intervention that activates a deep need all human beings have: the drive for justice, or what is known theoretically as distributive justice. In simple words, it is the balance between efforts and rewards. What if instead of relying on fines to control the behavior of drivers, governments instead employed a lottery system, using the revenues from fines applied to non-compliant drivers to reward good behavior? This initiative created a lottery that enrolled automatically all the good (compliant) drivers. It made a clever use of fun in a gamification-like approach. The experiment produced significant results. It is a lesson to social marketers and governments. You can learn more on the website created by Volkswagen to host similar initiatives: http://www.thefuntheory.com/speed-camera-lottery-0