Pricing, social marketing and ethics

A reading that captured my attention these days was this one ( It has deep implications to anyone who deals with pricing. It is no news that human perception is automatically shaped by the cues in the environment, even the ones that should be irrelevant (the classic System 1 in action). The article also hints at the fun drive that can motivate behavior in some contexts. Nonetheless it is a clear example of how the modern environment can be rigged to exploit human frailties – a reality discussed by professor Keith Stanovich (University of Toronto) in some of his writings. This has implications for business ethics and several consequences in the public policy realm. It has also implications for social markeitng ethics, inasmuch as one has to decide how to do the actual pricing for products and services (I think the potential dilemma can be overcomed in both consequentialistic and deontological terms but I leave this dicussion to another opportunity).